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About the project

Students from the biology elective of the BG/BRG Rohrbach, were informed by Mag. Professor Tusek Gerhard about an EU-project: they could take part in a "competition of natural sciences and engineering" in cooperation with a nearby museum. They went to the museum of cognition "Villa Sinnenreich" in Rohrbach, where they got a warm introduction into the world of senses and perception from the curator of the museum, Gerhild Humenberger. They spent the following biology lessons doing experiments and research and also focused on photography to create a virtual museum. They were able to spend 2 hours with the TV channel LT1 to baffle their senses and discover new, surprising things. Professor Wiesner Wolfgang's IT elective class helped them to create a website and to make their ideas for the website become reality. Short clip of the "Villa Sinnenreich" (provided by LT1, German language)